Standard - FCI 2 - Cane corso




    Medium-large sized molossoid, sturdy, compact, with a strong skeleton, muscular and athletic, it moves with considerable ease. Its head is massive, with a dignified and proud expression. It has had a selection parallel to that of the mastiff, it comes from lighter progenitors but has maintained that original conformation. It has always been a property watchdog and hunter of difficult game, such as the boar. It originated in the central-southern regions of Italy where it was used as a cowherd for cows and swine raised in the wild. It also defended travellers and carters from highwaymen. Its name is the one by which it has always been known in the south, having the same root as "corsiero" (courser), the medieval war horse; perhaps it derives from the Latin "cohors" (courtyard, body guard). Due to environmental changes, the Courser risked extinction. A few enthusiasts initiated its recovery which today is complete. Its modern functions are watchdog, defending people and their belongings. An adaptable and courageous worker, of proverbial loyalty, alert and reactive, who is able to withstand difficult environmental conditions and experiences due to its solid equilibrium,. A strong build but not without elegance. Built on a rectangle, it absolutely must not resemble the Neapolitan Mastiff. Its skin adheres to its body and does not form wrinkles.


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1 Brief Historical Summary 2616
2 General Appearance 2699
3 Important Proportions 2743
4 Limbs and movement (gait) 3151
5 Behavior and Temperament 2721
6 Head and neck 2867
7 Body 2448
8 Skin and coat 2387
9 Height and Weight 5108
10 Faults 2746